Betting on Unfamiliar Sports

Betting on Unfamiliar Sports

For good handicapping, it’s clear that you need to know a lot. That is just good advice. But there are times when it makes sense to bet on sports that you don’t know much about. Here are situations where this might happen:

As Soon As Everyone Else Does It

As Soon As Everyone Else Does It

When certain things happen, a lot of people bet on them. The World Cup is a good example. Last summer, everyone and their dog bet on the World Cup games. Most of those people didn’t know about the games and didn’t care about them. They made decisions based on things like that, even though they knew which teams they liked and which celebrities they knew.

The more people who bet, the more likely it is that smart bettors will find opportunities. Even if you don’t know much about the sport, you can still do enough research to get a leg up on everyone else by using the basic handicapping skills you’ve learned from other sports and doing a little bit of research.

When You Have Access To Correct Information

When you don’t know much about a sport, you have to rely on your research skills to learn enough about it so you can make smart bets. When there’s more reliable information to learn from and more news stories to read, it’s easier to catch up. As an example, the NBA is much better covered than the WNBA. This makes it much easier to learn how to bet on the NBA quickly than on the WNBA.

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When You Can Learn The Basics Quickly

Learn The Basics Quickly

If you are a dedicated and successful sports bettor in one sport, you might be able to switch to a similar sport because you already know how it works and what handicapping strategies work. If you are good at betting on NBA or college basketball, for example, it might make sense to give European basketball a try if you wanted to.

On the other hand, a bettor may find it harder to switch from betting on basketball to betting on cricket. Obviously, you should keep in mind that just because two sports are similar and their basics are the same, that doesn’t mean that what you know about one sport will help you with the other. Even though both the NFL and the CFL play football, there are some differences between the leagues because of how the game is played, the level of talent, and the rules.


Learning a new sport is a great way to expand your betting knowledge. If you make learning new sports part of your routine, it could help you become a better gambler.

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